Over the years we’ve been asked many times,  ” what goes into making a banner ? ”  The answer isn’t an easy one !

As with all of our worship articles we spend hours and hours researching the bible.  We ask ourselves, ” what do we want the banner to portray ?  What does the banner mean ? What do we want the colors to represent ?  How should the banner be used ?  Is it stationary or will we be using it in a dance ?  All of these and many more questions need to be answered before we start a new project.

In most cases leader Debra Holm will get a word from the Lord or vision for a new worship article to be used.  She then sketches it out so we can see what the Lord has shown her. Here’s an example of her newest sketch she’s brought to us….

Banner 4

After she brings a sketch like the one above,we pray and the ” journey ” begins !   We then start the daunting task of finding all the materials needed to complete such a project. Many people think you just go to a fabric store and you’re set !  The reality is; you spend hours and  hours, week after week, searching for the exact items in the colors you need, to complete the vision the Lord has given you.

We are happy to say the journey of this banner,  becoming reality,  has begun.  Here’s a sneak peek into the amazing artistry that has taken place thus far.  Over 4000 beads have been hand sewn to this banner already with literally thousands more to go.

We are committed to making each worship article in the way God designed it.  Even if it takes more then a year to complete ! The King of Kings deserves the best !

banner 3