Lone Soldier Building Restoration

Key of David International will be going to Israel this September / October to renovate the lone soldiers building at the  Aliyah Return Center.

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KODI Mission

God has given our team the unique story of most of our members being construction workers, handymen, or working in the home renovation fields. Because of this, we have wanted to get more involved on the ground in Israel. Not only going as a team to worship, but to serve. We met Chaim last November ( the man in the video ) and have toured the property extensively. They have asked us to help them with 2 main projects at this time.  The lone soldiers building and an outdoor stage.

God is so awesome!!

We are an army of worshippers and out of all the projects, they want us to focus on the lone soldiers building. How fitting!! And an outdoor stage for worship. Sounds like a God set up to us!! We are very excited for this opportunity, but we need your help!!  These projects are not funded by them, they’re funded by us and our supporters. These buildings / property are rundown because they lack the finances to restore them on their own.  The property was given to the Aliyah Return center by the government in exchange for continued renovation of the property. What makes this ministry so unique is it’s where they prepare new immigrants making Aliyah to Israel feel ready and equipped to be a citizen of Israel. It’s where lone soldiers who don’t have families, go to get rest before their next tour of duty, and it’s where the government comes for meetings and political events.

God has set this mission before us and we have said … YES!!!  Our tickets are purchased and we are leaving to be his hands and feet in the land.

Please watch this short video of the property we will be working on. Our project is building # 6. We will be posting weekly videos of our involvement in this restoration.

Watch Here: https://youtu.be/7C9cWKWjqAc

Please consider donating towards this project.  Total estimated cost of renovations on our portion is $72,000

Follow this link to Donate to the Lone Soldier Project: https://squareup.com/store/kodi

God is able and He will provide! Thank you for considering!!