In 1981, Pastor Debra Holm started ministering through dance and was a forerunner for Davidic praise and worship here in Minnesota. In 1983 she was asked to lead the Way of the Cross dance ministry, which at that time,  consisted of women only.

Over many years, ministry name changes, and God’s heart for Israel instilled back into the heart of the ministry, that team has now become ” For His Name’s Sake. ”A multi-church, multi-age, Davidic praise & worship team of both men and women.  Debra and the team have traveled nationally and internationally for over 30 years, lifting up the name of Adonai, proclaiming the second coming of the Lord, and standing in the gap for Israel through worship.

In 2007 Debra became a pastor of worship arts and is now an official pastor of Key of David International. ”  K.O.D.I.,”  is a one new man worship arts fellowship.  Both For His Name’s Sake and Dodi Li Worship Arts are ministry affiliates of Key of David International and were birthed out of the original vision to both minister and teach the body how to use worship arts.