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What is the difference between Key of David International and For His Name’s Sake?

Key of David is the ” umbrella ” non-profit organization that houses  ” For His Name’s Sake ” and ” S.W.A.T. ” In the future and as the Lord leads we believe Key of David will be a much larger organization with many ministry branches underneath it that all fulfill it’s tax exempt purpose.

KEY OF DAVID IS : A One New Man, worship arts fellowship called to:

* Lift up the name of the Lord in all the earth.

* Share the gospel of Yeshua/Jesus and proclaim God’s word over His people; through worship and the arts.

* Reach out through local and international Feasts of the Lord, worship celebrations, and concerts.

* Train and equip the body in Davidic worship, dance, arts, music and Hebraic roots of faith.

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