Leadership Teams


Key of David Leadership Team

Key of David International has two leadership teams besides Debra Holm as the head leader, to help assist in the function and maintaining of the ministry.

Mike and Kathy Malone and Steven and Debra Holm are the core leadership team for Key of David.  In 2009 Rabbi Arnoldo Reevis ” set in ” Mike  and Debra ” as pastors of the ministry and since then they have been working together as a team along with their spouses to complete the vision the Lord has given them for Key of David International and it’s future.

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 Apostolic Oversight

The second group is the apostolic oversight leadership team which consists of Pastor Don Pfotenhauer (from Way of the Lord Church), Rabbi Ed Rothman (from Seed of Abraham Congregation) , and Dale and Kathy Gilmore (directors of MN House of Prayer).  This groups leadership role is to help maintain the focus and direction of the team while providing a support system to the Key of David leadership when making difficult decisions or re-prioritizing the goals and functions of the ministry as a whole. Their prophetic insight and prayer covering is essential to how the ministry functions and flows.



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